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1. This journal should be taken lightly.

2. We should have something in common before adding, okay?

18th-Oct-2012 03:28 pm - Tumblr's
So... I have a tumblr or two...Feel free to follow any of them. Personal and GW2 one are the actually active ones.
The WoW one will mostly be queue ones, that start showing up soon. 
2nd-Feb-2012 03:16 am - 020212 - 01 PKMN
Decided to post something random even though it's 2am already and I should be asleep. >_>
When have I been asleep at this hour? Oh right, when sick.

Well anyhow, I decided to make a short analysis of what 'mons I like. I'll pick two (2) evolutions lines or single pokemon from each generation and then list out why I like them.

Ready? Okay, go...Collapse )
31st-Jan-2012 07:31 am - 310112 - 02
Quote take a break reality
Randomness of checking my MSN chats from last night:

(6:06:46 PM) Crusader Rewy: pokemon soulsilver
(6:07:30 PM) Paltsi: lol wut

and thensome:

(9:56:45 PM) Daniel: /facepalm
(9:57:03 PM) Crusader Rewy: ?
(9:57:13 PM) Daniel: Where's the best place for me to discover new music?
(9:57:26 PM) Daniel: It seems it's my own HDD.
(9:57:40 PM) Crusader Rewy: lol
31st-Jan-2012 02:02 am - 310112 - 01 PKMN
Oh we have a workload ahead of us, seeing as my Gallade's defences aren't steady enough and my Scizor barely could stand one Calm Minded psychic from Sabrina's Espeon. (Okay the feline was 2 levels higher, but it was a type advantage wise very disturbing...)

I shall now be headed to... Lavender Town. And to get that stupid PokeDoll for Copycat. I want mah Magnet Train pass.

Yush, last of Rockets has been beaten (well other than Giovanni event himself - I have a hacked event celebi) and power restored to Power Plant.

Random comment at how I defeated the "new" Nugget challenge:
Rhyorn: Mraawr!
Walrein: I herd u liek surfing...
Charmeleon: Chaaaar!
Walrein: U liek surfing too?

So hurr hurr to Misty and her boyfriend problems. I could have one-shotted her whole team but I misread her 2nd pokemon and sent out panicky-accident Walrein. (lol)
For 15 minutes I tried to get Latios to drag his sorry butt to my route, but nooo~~.....

After that I went to the underground tunnel, gave the man his RageCandyBar and got meself Explosion TM. After that I decided to take on Erika of Celadon City. Lol at your pitiful Grass types. My Scizor shall nom their leaves.

So my Scizor basically soloed the whole gym. Good job Setesh! Then we went on a killing spree to finish off some hooligan bikers and their Koffing/Weezing pokemon.
Rajh did an excellent job, only fainted at Self-Destruct. *nod* Off to the Fuchsia Gym and the Leader Janine.

Oo~~ Me likey the new "invisible wall" effects. Unlike in FR/LG where you could basically detect where the walls were by squinting your eyes, this one here flashed the wall panels. It's the same maze, but if you haven't played it through on the old games it's tricky.
So, Janine - I herd you liek mah Ground draguns.

Okay so after an exciting battle with Janine I headed off to Route 14 and spied on Suicune. Then I went back to Cerulean City.... okay after getting the Super Rod.
I spent tedious hours of trial and error of trying to capture the water dog. I hate coming back to "stationary" legendaries. I mean, Suicune isn't going to run off from here. So I tried Freezing. I got as far as 2 shakes, but that was it since I couldn't do anymore damage without KO. Moved onto Paralyz. I just... HURR DURR!! The propability 10% and I had no Cotton spore or Thunder Wave pokemon in boxes. So my final effort - Sleep. I had used it in Diamond, back when I was actually playing my first pokemon game.
My Darling Budew that I caught on route 202. You are my hero today. Well, actually he's one of my best team members from Diamond end-game. He has GrassWhistle, Toxic Mega Drain (yes, only mega) and Grass Knot. It took ages, but I finally caught him. Teh suicune.

I decided to play tag with Latios for awhile to amuse myself and luckily got on the same route. !!! DOUBLE-RAINBOW TIME! Okay, I Master balled him, since I had 4 of them which I save for roaming legendaries. Must thank Khat for giving them back then.

 スイクン   ラティオス
| Pressure 40  |  Levitate  35 
| Caught @ Route 25  ---  |  Caught @ Route 5  --- 
| Rain Dance  Gust  |  Dragon Breath  Protect 
| Aurora Beam  Mist  |  Refresh  Luster Purge 

Now they can join the party in their private Legend box.

I think that was enough of Japanese text for me today...tonight... it's 2am already and I think I started around 1pm...

Next up will be... Waking a Snorlax, Diglett Cave, Pewter Museum + Latias (dun dun duun), Pewter Gym (ohai Brock) and... then to find where Blaine has gone off to. (Will include probably Articuno capturing... hurr durr)

Now, sleep hopefully. Or not, I might just continue planning my HeartGold or Platinum.

30th-Jan-2012 05:07 pm - 300112 - 01 PKMN
Quote old gamer
At long last I've returned to my rarity game - Pocketto Monstaa SoulSilver!
Why yes, I am actually playing it in japanese and it has Champion's Road, Yellow Forest and Soul Dew (rock thingy...) downloaded in it, making it one of my currently most valuable pokemon game.
- White would be equally rare for me due to the Victini I have and all the pokemon that I transfered there. Along with getting Mewtwo and Arceus next month there. =)

Anyhow, I proceeded to muddle through my possible pokemon teams that I've moved to SS and picked out my favorites with decent movesets. Headed on to S.S.Anne and now I'm standing infront of Lt.Surge after his annoying trash can puzzle.

 Gablias   Rajh
| Sand Veil 57  |  Levitate  50 
| Diamond end-game  ---  |  Bred in Diamond  Sharp Beak 
| Dragon Claw  Earthquake  |  Fly  Dragon Pulse 
| Flamethrower  Aerial Ace  |  Faint Attack  Dragon Claw 
 Rentorar   Sif
| Intimidate 63  |  Thick Fat  50 
| Diamond end-game  Magnet  |  Bred in Diamond  NeverMeltIce 
| Bite  Crunch  |  Surf  Waterfall 
| Discharge  Thunder Fang  |  Aurora Beam  Ice Fange 
 Ammunae   Setesh
| Steadfast  49  |  Technician  50 
| Bred in Diamond  Amulet coin  |  Bred in Diamond  Muscle Band 
| Psycho Cut  Shadow Ball  |  Wing Attack  Faint Attack 
| Psychic  Magical Leaf  |  Bug Buzz  X-Scissor 

On the boxes I have hanging these guys in case I'll be needing move type changes. (Like more special sweeping than pummeling...)

And of course my beautiful pair of HM slaves - give them a grand applause:
Slice&Dice Crobat and Surfing Rampardos (yes, that's legit)

Now I'll be off to Saffron city. o/

27th-Jan-2012 07:32 pm - 270112 - 01 PKMN
Update of HeartGold inc!

So I went and caught myself a Sandshrew, named him VALES. He shall be my Cut/Strength/RockSmash/Headbutt slave. (Yes, even headbutt because my only physical sweeper will be my Murkrow, ampharos is going to be a bit of a mix.)
I also spent a good 40 minutes resetting a save in Union cave to catch a Geodude with Everstone. Why? Because I'm lousy with remembering to cancel an evolution. I had one already for my Quilava and I needed another one for my Flaaffy. Mainly because they both evolve around 30 something and the moves that I want on them earlier than on their final forms are somewhere at 50's... (otherwise past 55 or 60 even).

I arrived finally to Goldenrod City in which I spent a few hours doing the story things, buying and selling things and... abusing the DS time. I think I moved it around 4-5 times just to get the Haircuts for my Togepi to have high enough happiness for evolution.
I also changed up the names at Name rater - There will be much of that in future too I think...

Huah! Time for Gym battle~
- In all honesty I HATE Whitney and her Miltank with Attract! *throws daggers*

Quilava burnt Clefairy to the ground and made Whitney use one of her Super Potions. Then I deviced between Togepi and Venonat to poison + Sleep the Miltank. Flaaffy managed to paralyze it, so the dumb thing used it's Lum Berry. Venonat hit the dust after poisoning, but it was a noble effort. My Quilava then entered the stage and began Embering all around. Here's how the rest of the battle went basically:

Miltank: Stomp
Quilava: Ember
- Miltank is hurt by poison
Miltank: Rollout - miss
Quilava: Healed with potion
- Miltank is hurt by poison
Miltank: Stomp
Quilava: Ember
- Miltank is hurt by poison
Miltank: Rollout - miss
Quilava: Healed with potion
- Miltank is hurt by poison
Miltank: Stomp
Quilava: Ember
- Miltank is hurt by poison
Miltank: Rollout - miss
Quilava: Healed with potion
- Miltank is hurt by poison
- Miltank fainted

After that I saved and paused for awhile because my adrenaline and pulse were high due to the tension there. Yes, I take gym battles seriously. *nod nod* I hate to come back and retry, I might as well then just restart the whole game. Anyway, now I'm off to... Pokeathlon to grab a few Heartscales and a Water Stone. <3
Oh and after the gym battle Togepi evolved. Yuy~~

 Fudo   Hotei
| Blaze 19  |  Compoundeyes  16 
| Starter  Everstone  |  Caught @ Pokewalker   
| Ember  Tackle  |  Confusion  Disable 
| Quick Attack  Smokescreen  |  Foresight  Poison Powder 
 Uzume   Raiden
| Serene Grace 20  |  Static  18 
| Egg @ Violet City    |  Caught @ Route 32  Everstone 
| Extrasensory  Yawn  |  Thundershock  Rock Smash 
| Metronome  Sweet Kiss  |  Tackle  Thunder 
 Waruru   Dontere
| Water Absorb  xx  |  Super Luck ?  xx 
| @ Goldenrod City    |  Safari Zone   
| ---  ---  |  ---  --- 
| ---  ---  |  ---  --- 
26th-Jan-2012 01:06 pm - 260112 - 01 PKMN
Quote reality
Hur hur, re-started my Soul- no wait, HeartGold some days ago. (I would've been so pissed if I had restarted my SoulSilver to be honest, since it has my only Yellow Forest, Winner's Path, Enigma Stone, Spiky-eared Pichu... stuff on it, them japanese ones you know.)
So with that I was again denied the greatness of getting Meowth to my party without trading. I don't like to trade really. It feels like cheat leveling with the double experience and possible Exp.Share.

Anyhow, I picked out a team. =) This is it. Currently at Azalea Town, finished Rockets, rival and gym already.

 Bakuru   Ororo
| Blaze 17  |  Compoundeyes  14 
| Starter    |  Caught @ Pokewalker   
| Ember  Tackle  |  Confusion  Disable 
| Quick Attack  Smokescreen  |  Foresight  Poison Powder 
 Toriri   Dendere
| Serene Grace 16  |  Static  16 
| Egg @ Violet City    |  Caught @ Route 32   
| Extrasensory  Yawn  |  Thundershock  Rock Smash 
| Metronome  Sweet Kiss  |  Tackle  Thunderwave 
 Waruru   Dontere
| Water Absorb  xx  |  Super Luck ?  xx 
| @ Goldenrod City    |  Safari Zone   
| ---  ---  |  ---  --- 
| ---  ---  |  ---  --- 
16th-Jan-2012 01:54 pm - 160112 - 01
Quote old gamer
Oh my lord, great balls... no wait...

Pass that thing to the hells gates, don't need more Great Balls. I'll be needing Ultras in a few moments. I figured I have bad eye sight, but... if I can't see what the projector is showing from approximately from the middle of the class room (WITH GLASSES ON!!) there's something wrong. Really wrong.
I won't turn this into a personal rant of how stress filled this spring already is for me. (It includes getting a job, starting to pay the bills of the household, retirement and craploads of applying to places which I don't know what I'm even supposed to do. ;_; )

Anyhow, I picked up my FireRed after a long while to check what team I actually had here. Will be using it for my fanfiction someday. So I was somewhere in Celadon City, I proceeded to grind some levels, then take out the rockets, clean up the mess at the ghost tower, liberate silph co. and barely winning Sabrina. FFFFF-!! ò.ó Thank gods Rasu's Body Slam actually hit so I didn't have to wait 'till Perish Song.

 Saur   Nido
| Overgrow 36  |  Poison Point  36 
| Starter    |  Caught @ Route 3   
| Razor Leaf  Sleep Powder  |  Peck  Counter 
| Leech Seed  Vine Whip  |  Double Kick  Horn Attack 
 Eon   Kesh
| Volt Absorb 39  |  Synchronize  38 
| @ Celadon City    |  Caught @ Route 25   
| Thunderbolt  Pin Missile  |  Psychic  Psybeam 
| Double Kick  Quick Attack  |  Recover  Teleport 
 Arc   Rasu
| Flash Fire  38  |  Water Absorb  25 
| Caught @ Route 8    |  @ Silph Co.   
| Bite  Flame Wheel  |  Body Slam  Confuse Ray 
| Roar  Odor Sleuth  |  Perish Song  Mist 

What I plan to do next:
- Grind more money for Shadow Ball TM
- Catch pokemans in hopes of getting the damn Exp.Share
- Grind Arc to Flamethrower level -> Then evolve
- Possibly replace Kesh =( Can't evolve him.
- Do side quests.
--> After these are done I'll proceed with the story.
14th-Dec-2011 10:51 pm - 141211 - 01
Quote suxors
Doing school assignments at home? Full of hurr durr herp derp to me...
I really don't feel like doing one of those when I'm mildly pissed off already at the world for other reasons. (One of them being WoW, another one the icy roads...)

At first I was like "meh", then I was like ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) "Wai U no work?!"

Then I realised I was trying to do InDesign things on Illustrator menus...

Casual tableflip - (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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